The monolith is an electro-acoustic instrument designed and built by Mario. The heart of the Monolith is the PT2399 dirty digital echo/delay chip. The PT2399 chip breaks apart at higher feedback rates creating all kinds of sonic chaos and mayhem that can be pitched by the rate of the delay.  I love the broard range of sounds that I can get out of this box. Paiured with a looper it can give me hours of sonic exporation and plain fun. The beauty of the Monolith is that there’s no right or wrong way of playing it.


It consists of 3 strings, a kalimba, a music box and 3 springs. The wooded enclosure is a decorative small suitcase and it can be percussively played. The monolith will pick up anything that is loud or close enough.


Front Panel Controls:


- Pickup volume

- Delay mix

- Delay feedback

- Delay time

- Delay On/Off switch


Side Controls:

- Right Control – Feedback blast

- Left Control – Delay warp