DeepDrain’s songs were originally conceived in Mario’s studio. However, for the project to grow, expand and mature other very talented musicians joined. Some of them came and went but all of them added something special to the project.

Out of all the incredibly talented musicians that have at one point joined DeepDrain there’s one that DeepDrain wouldn’t be what is it without. Guitarist Ismael and Mario met in a camping trip to Joshua Tree National park in 2012. After realizing that he Is a very talented guitar player Mario invited Ismael to his studio and Ismael had been an integral part of DeepDrain ever since.

DeepDrain is working on releasing their followup album "RESURRECTION" late 2019.    




Mario - Vox, Guitar, 2 string slide bass, Programing.

Ismael - Guitar

Tonee - Guitar

Fabian - Keys

Duce - Bass